Master Escapologist.

"I tell people everything. People only believe what they can handle. That's how I know who to trust." unknown

For you,

my soul, my heart.. Ripped from my chest. Eviscerated, I now am. Know that if I could, I would plunge my fingers through my chest and rip out my soul and my heart and give it to you just as is blackened, broken, and shamed. A pulpy mass of macabre diathesis. Because you ask, these are the parts of me that are vulnerable so very weak, to invasion. I long for them to be pure again. With my soul and my heart that I offer to you I would like to add other small organs that such as glands, or if you prefer sweetbreads... many variety meats.
I would like to offer these gifts. These very rare gifts to you. Though this gifts will never fully amount to what you have given me. Please be aware that these organs will not survive outside of my body for what would be a few short hours. Know that whatever happens, It's all on me. your forgiveness for my weakness.I am battered without shelter.