Question To Ponder?

How did I go from here To here: Preferably 9:26 to 9:30 This is probably one of the most brilliant pieces of film. In my mind! Something about it is like poetry, ultimate revenge, empowering and fulfilling. For any woman who has ever experience violation or abuse in any form. Not worshiped an adored for the beautiful creature she is. They always get it. I think I might have broken a world record for most watched scene in a film. Other than Annie Hall. Be very aware Bitches are coveted beings when we are scorned we can always plead pms insanity.
To currently here in a matter of hours

Either I sleep it off or allow my creativity to take hold


  1. u and that death proof scene how many times could u possibly watch that. it's 5 am i am bored and this is the only thing i found entertaining thanks doll!

  2. She wore out 2 dvds she told me. ANGRY much Doll! hahaaaa