Take the photo already!

I look at myself differently. I don't see what perhaps others see. I shall only seek for my own self worth. If you are worthy perhaps I will truly let you see who I am, and what I am capable of.

You were wonderful this evening. I miss catching up with you.It's been much to long. You have been the only one who has adored me for me. For who I am. You never judge, You never get angry with my misanthropic moods, when I want to be alone. Or when I just want comfortable silences and the warmth of company. Thank you for getting me. Thank you for loving me for my mind, for my heart for my eccentricity,and for most of all my soul.
You are gift and I shall always treasure and cherish your beauty. How very special you are and you have no clue. My words are all I have to describe how truly perfect you are in my eyes. I wish for you to be appreciated always and adored madly.


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