Laugh with one another, play often, disappear from real life if you must at time even if it is for short moments. Encourage,strengthen,be kind,helpful,hopeful. Don't keep score. Life isn't a contest, no one wins the biggest prize. You only win by the people that surround your life to make it better. Even when it seems as if there is only darkness.Rescue yourself when you need to. Allow yourself to be rescued when you need it. Give in, don't hold back! You'll be the only one missing out.It's a leap not a fall.


  1. i love u.i love ur beautiful words.i am so sorry. but your superwoman now.

  2. Dollface I am so sorry. C told me last night we all love you and your family and we send you all our thoughts always. Your the best.

  3. Thank you my darlings. I love you both dearly!