Copy Kat

4 am conversation.

Him: Are you awake?
Me : Does it sound like I am awake? ( I light up a cigarette open my window and lean my feet against the wall.) What is it? It's 4am You have been ringing the phone off the hook. I just need to sleep. I am beyond tired at this point.
Him : Well can we at least talk?
Me: About? ( taking a drag of my cigarette)
Him: I dunno.... long silence you me and this cold shoulder you are giving me.
Me: Whatever, I am so tired of helping all the time. I can't rescue everyone,even when I need to be rescued I do it myself. It's ok that people scurry away who can blame them.
Him: But I wasn't ... I was trying to be there just things came up.
Me: That's fine I get it. No worries I am going back to sleep. Obviously that psycho crazy girlfriend of yours was more important. Did she threaten to cut herself again if you left? Or if you didn't get first class tickets. Harry Winston (I laugh loudly at myself he says nothing for a moment. Thinking of what I had just said. He is clearly high) There is really no point to this it's done the conversation is making me tired and I am tired of your bullshit.
Him: Look... this is bullshit, she's there but it's not what I wanted. I wish she was but she isn't you have no idea how I feel. You have no idea how I wish more then anything there was someone else. Can't it just be this way.
Me: Your going to have to do better than that. ( wondering why I haven't hung up the phone yet) Your not making any sense.
Him:I wish you could understand but you don't so your right there is no point to this.
Me: Are you finished?
Him: laughs sarcastically great friend ......
Me: Yes the best ( and hung up the phone)

I feel much better now.....