I found in my life that I have a few flaws that I perhaps would like to change. Perhaps my attention span could be a bit more then it is. For I always find when something or someone peeks my interest, it takes a lot to keep it. I get bored very easily. A friend says it's a trait of a libra. For we are voracious creatures. I am not competitive and life is not a race for me. I am an artist,I am passionate by nature. I take my time in everything I do only to perfect what ever it is that interests me at the moment. It will be marvelous to catch my attention,though I must confess it will be difficult to keep it.A lesser would or might feel slighted. A better might look for ways to make an impression.


  1. why are you still here, LOL just can't get enough can you. Don't worry when I get bored I am sure you'll hear from me. INSURANCE BABY isn't that what you always preach! xx

  2. Ur such a bitch i can't help myself. face it just pissing of the parentals arent u.

  3. LMFAO... your always fantastic for a laugh. ty you made my day. Help yourself!