What do you do when you feel alone in crowded rooms? What do you do when you feel all of your energy has been sapped just by one conversation? When you do think or feel enough is enough? When is it you starting laughing at someone but not with them because they sound so ignorant? How is it there are times that for my own survival I need to be by myself. I need to relax. I need to find quite and tranquility. I don't like to be around people who are constantly needing to move, needing , needing ,needing something to keep them entertained. I feel restless around people like that. It's like being around a speed tweeker. They can't sit still. There is a difference between lazy and relaxing. Lazy is just sloth,indolent. Finding time to just sit read a book, getting lost in thoughts. You can do this around others. I enjoy and delight in comfortable silences. Where words aren't needed but company is enough. I often discuss with other friends who are only children and they are the same way. I would hear often how only children were needy all the time. My independence is my virtue and my flaw. I have many thoughts and emotions I keep to myself. At times they are overwhelming Libra's minds are always racing. I wonder if I shared these overwhelming thoughts and emotions would those around me still think I was to them who I was or would they scatter like sheep. It's easy to say it's their loss but when vulnerability is shared and shattered it's is very difficult to pick up and dust off. I would much rather march to the beat of my own drum, alone if I must. Then conform to what makes everyone else happy. If you find one person in your life who truly gets you, who understands, who doesn't judge , who doesn't make you feel as if you don't belong. Love them unconditionally, give back to them the happiness and joy they give to you.

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  1. aww poor little only child. LOL Don't ever sit nice and be quite. My world would shatter.lol