I may be frightened, I may cry, I may even loose my way. But I will find my way back. No matter where I am or what I do know that it was always you this was not me. This was not my choice or my doing. If I was a lover or a friend. A confidant or foe, I became one with who you were. I am sorry there are no words left. Lest I am troubled to know that you have become a stranger. My life will have many trials and tribulations but to continue on without the warm support of you is ok. Now I understand you were a lesson I needed to learn. I am not going to be afraid for I know we all will be enough in the end. I can rest well knowing I did all I could. I was the best I could have been. Even if you might have brought out the worst in me I will cherish the memories for you have brought me.

and I thank you.


  1. Grace and Gumption baby doll. I love you! You are marvelous, your are magnanimous,you are so god dam special you have no idea. I would marry you if I could. I am done too! There loss no more beautiful women for them to escort to their stuffy bullshit parties and show off. They are stuck now and they can fuck me too! Your the best my love, my heart, my soul, my darling friend don't for one second forget how many people truly, truly love you for who you are.

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