I said I was quoting

L4L"There are so many drawbacks to being an only child when I was younger."
A " How so, I couldn't have dreamed my life to be any other way,I'm not complaining."
L4L: "Holidays were the worst especially when they were always jet-setting."
A: "Oh comm'on are you serious,How about the time your mother had FAO Schwartz close down 2 hours early a week before Christmas so that you could have the entire store to yourself "
L4L: "Yeah that was great she forgot all about me.They had to page her at the Rainbow Room, during a Frankie Avalon concert."

I haven't laughed that much in ages......It's sweet catching up.

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  1. Your the greatest. Were u writing that down while we were talking.ROTFL. The parentals are such clusterfucks.