Starlit Night

En plein air painting by a starlit sky in the garden. Breeze blowing, misty rain occasionally ( which came from the sprinklers lol) What a perfect late Friday night into wee hours of Saturday. Refreshed by a long swim.


  1. Oh that garden. Thanks 4 returning my calls! I had no luck with tickets and neither did Em. WTF HOW CAN WE NOT GET TICKETS TO FW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Busy sorry luv! I can get them, I REFUSE to pay for them. That's a joke.

  3. oh u can get them but refuse to pay for them haaaa your to much. I don't blame you though Em said 7 or 8 was for 12h whatever 2 shows I would want to see. That's hardly worth the money & who gives a fuck about being seen. Been there done that. LOL