de-Throne the Queen

In the past several days I have witness acts of jealously,anger,fear, pain, out right deceit, and gossip by those around me. Like I am in warped in Pretty in Pink with James Spader as my best - and worst friend. Jealously and competition are not healthy in whatever relationship it is you are having. So since those of you have all gotten the obvious hints. Only those privy and you know who you are. I know you all read very well and it seems the only way for me to get any where with anyone anymore. I have stooped to your levels. What I do with my life is of no concern to you. I don't need your permission nor do I need your approval. I hope that you truly understand my life is not in the same direction anymore. I don't think the same as you nor have I ever. Books come to an end as do relationships of any form. You can take from it what you wish. You can fall in love with it and read it cover to cover over and over.You can hate it and say you wish you never wasted your time. Doesn't change anything it still comes to an end. But you always learn something. What I have learned is I can depend on me.Not all people can be like you and you will not only be disappointed but you will disappoint. No one is perfect and if you think you are learn to be humble, Karma is a bitch and I promise for some of you it might be harder to sleep at night. I will take your apology doesn't mean I will accept it. That's not me being immature or rude. I am just being honest. This is why I stayed away, and I truly adore how good news travels so fast. And how all the true colors have shined through. High School ended years ago. The behavior I almost found entertaining and laughable. It became sad when I realized some of you haven't grown up and have learned nothing. The saddest part about it is if you haven't learned now you probably never will. I have faith in a few of you. The rest well, I will pray for you.