Once upon a time....

one last thought .... The meaning of my name.


  1. OOH you don't. it's been a while You left LJ but failed to let me know. thanx! or shall say merci. Though I have been gone a while myself. Lot to catch up on. Hope you are well!

    I was over and I thought of you @ a concert. I thought you would have dug it. I miss trollin around NYC with you. One of these days when these dam "kids" settle down I will come visit.

    "She's got the kind of look that defies gravity
    She's the greatest cook
    And she's Monroe curvy
    She's been to private school
    And she speaks perfect French
    She's got the perfect friends
    Oh isn't she cool
    She practices Tai Chi
    She'd never lose her nerve
    She's more than you deserve
    and she's far better than me" - circa sometime with you. Blessings doll.

    Find me.

  2. I hate when
    u turn off comments. Why is ur life in a different direction cause u dont want the "norm".i get it but were all self loathing.were only human nothing wrong with the way u think. U know just what u r soing.Though I hardly think I need to tell u that. xoxo


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  5. NO Srly i am just over the drama. I just don't understand why everyone else has something to say if I am happy. It's such Elitist behavior and it's tiresome. Like I have to apologize for everyone who wasn't born with a silver spoon in there mouth or wiping their asses with hundred dollar bills. There is more to people then that.Contrary to belief! All I was saying. I am tired of the being judgmental crap or being judged by the company i keep. only 1 being does that for me.

  6. If I remember that correctly. "I put it on for the evening alone. Hated how it made me feel. I gave it back because I didn't want to be a (trophy) wife". I have miss reading your beauteous posts. LJ got lame, but you always keep my interest. I look forward to staying in touch. It was lovely to speak to you today. I am glad I was able to inspire. Bali was spiritual. Wild orchids they always make me smile. ;)

  7. Oh you remember so well. I will keep some around for you. But there is a lot you can catch up on.

    kisses my darling. My well wishes to you and yours always and may blessings surround you. Til well find one another again.


    I remember it like it was yesterday. WE had the most fun. Stand up bass front row... Ahhhh next show we go! xo