Furthest from the truth.

Him: We're best friends We hold hands,We're in love,She's my Girl
A: Darling no!That's not me I'm a ghost In the sheets
Narrator: Well is there something that you like about her?
Him: Yes,I like the way that her body bends in half
Narrator: And is there something that you love about Him?
A: No! There ain't a man in this world I won't let go
Him: Come on baby,We get along Please don't you spoil it. Don't steer us wrong.Lets get together .And get it on
Lets get those clothes off Before your gone.
A: You talk about like you own me baby.That's not fair I told you that I had somebody else
You did not care.And now you're talking on the telephone.You're telling' all of your friends.We love each other .
Narrator Well is there something that you wanted from her.
Him: Yes I want her legs, her body, and her ass
Narrator: And is there something that you needed from him?
A: No And if he's playing hard to get I'm out the door
Him: Oh no baby, Don't say it's true,Please say you love me ,Like I love you
Come on baby, We get along One week of danger wasn't very long.
Let's get those clothes off before your gone
A: You talk about like you own me baby That's not fair.I told you that I had somebody else.You did not care
And now you want to make me out to be some kind of square
And now you're talking on the telephone
You're tellin' all of your friends, We love each other.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVDNcN9Dg_U

  2. Saw your tweets. Called several times but no answer. Texts are to impersonal during this time and so is this. Though you always knew I had a way with words.

    For my beautiful Muse,
    My heart still hurts after all this time. It hurts when you are broken. You are so strong and proud allow people to see your vulnerable side. It is your most beautiful quality. It is you, and you are next to perfect.I am so sorry for your loss. I know how she inspired you so. Perhaps now you'll dream of her. She will tell you how fabulous tea with Marilyn, Harlow, and Dahlia went. I am a plane ticket away. Arms are your home. Though it is no longer within my grasp I do hope he is feeling like home for you now. I adored her, I am humbled I got to meet her and most of all I am thankful for if it weren't for her you wouldn't be here.
    My heart,

  3. Have been up, down and all around. I missed you.
    Got a text from C yesterday. I am thinking he wants to be your personal assistant. I tried texting but it feels wrong. I want to call but I feel weird. I am not good with stuff like this. I never know the right thing to say. Forgive me. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. My flask is tucked in my garter filled with Knob Creek for tonight. I will toast to you, to her and may you be covered in glitterly lights around your soul. I so love you and I so miss you. Your grace is my gift. Kisses my dahling, and a big hug. purrrs.

  4. Amelia and I send you our deepest sympathies. I will call when things are settled. I love you dearly and so does she. You are more precious than words to us.