Must get Silly, Sparkly and glitter now....


"step away from the car young man.or i just might have to punch you."
"um.... excuse me? your intruding on my beach time, and yes this is the nude beach"
"Yes I am smoking and no you can't use the bathroom. I am standing guard go buy me a drink but tell the bartender not to put it on the bar til i get there. Lord knows what you could do. "
"someone should keep ya'll locked up. Ya'll look like trouble, with a capitol T
" Salsa who me, no." haaaaa Patron anyone?
" What are my heels doing in your backseat?"
" Ohhh that's your hotel key, I thought it was your AmEx Black card you have been talking about all night."
" You won't be the first , and my darling you won't be the last."
I miss 24 hour walgreen cigarette runs.
love them, you have quite an eye. I owe you.
and the corny understated pop song of the year that became our song LOL. South Beach I felt 22 again . and the non ever trophy, cardigan wearing soccer milf. But I will always bake you a " Cherry Pie"


  1. You are to much. But secretly I get very excited. I relish in reading your posts. They make my morning, afternoon and night. I have missed you.

  2. Of course never willingly listening to a Spears song. I now understand the words.LOL Clever sweets! Surmising you and the girls in Fla had quite the time. Salsa you who HAA. & your lined stockings. "Holy Shit this girl can move". Bowery Ballroom!

  3. u can track her via text. i myself get excited when my message goes off.

  4. salivates, drools, I seek you.

  5. I can only imagine the three of you. Oh Lord, your poor daddykins.