Batting Glitter EyeLashes

She wonders if she will make it. She wonders if she can.
Will it be 12 o'clock time for the door of Wonderland.
She has on her pink petticoat and her blue stockings too.
She has heard of the twinkling lights bedazzled in crystal cut sliver
Special tea in glasses filled to the brim. It makes you feel silly,
giggly and true. There isn't a person there that isn't rooting for you.
This wonderland isn't for everyone only a few. She has been chosen for she is nothing like you.
Her heart is filled with warmth and supernatural spirit. She has seen things with her eyes
that will never come to your view.

Now she wonders if she goes threw that door. Will she want to return to where she was before.
It's very inviting, I can say this to you. There is not an articulate way to describe it other than to those few.
She can see the opening slightly a glow past the glittered wall that's past the door. She hears angelic music
that puts her to ease. The way she walks slowly and gentle as a winded fall breeze.It's not cold or nearly to hot.
It's filled with the perfect temperature.She is curious she won't stop. People are there that are recognizing and new,but she feels excitement and is so tempted to. It's forbidden to speak of once you have past. She isn't sure that she can
follow this one asked of task. A voice whispers softly " I will be waiting for you." She not aware of where it has come to.
Others have seen her they have followed her there. They have tried to ruin her,running with her blond flowing hair.Petticoat
covered in dirt from the ground as they have trampled her wonderland lusting about. Figures only a select few does she
grace her company too.

At some point she will find that wonderland door. Where no one will follow her she will lead the core. Bleu11

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