The Car Ride

"This afternoon it was beautiful. The sun was golden,the trees are variegated ,Spring has arrived. I even saw soft purple and pink lilacs blooming on one the corner houses driving through town. I arrived in the city around 6 give or take a few extra moments for traffic. All was quite. I went into the bedroom. I threw myself on my bed. The sun beaming onto the yellow bedroom walls through the terrace doors, the curtains flowing from the breeze. It felt surreal. I laid there for quite a while just listening to the sounds, and looking around. It was so tranquil, I felt almost as if I were high for a few minutes. The calm before the storm. The car arrived on time so I could met him at the airport. He was arriving at JFK. I greeted him delicately and warm. I did miss him very much but something has changed in me. He was a bit different. As we got his luggage we exchanged conversation ,he was very affectionate but in a frat boy sort of way. He was exhausted but had a lot to say. I was loving,I was thoughtful. I listened, I was interested though. I find his life fascinating. We got in the car still chatting up a storm. His kisses were rough as if he could devour me at any moment he would. I guess I played into that. A bit of traffic but open road to FDR. As we traveled along our affections got more heated it became more of a yearning now. We became completely oblivious to the driver at that point. I sat across his lap, both legs on either side of his legs. I brushed his ear with my lips, he moaned and moaned louder and waves of heat pulsated through my body. His vocalization makes me vulnerable but in a very good way. His hands gripping through my hair, thrusting his hands up and down my legs. While our lips never parted. As we arrived closer to his apartment. My hands on his face staring him in the eyes, his look was intense. He was saying all of these things, words and sentences that just sent my mind and body in a complete state. My whole body just felt as if it exploded. As this was happening he was kissing me. His tongue intertwining with mine it was wet, he was sweet and I had no control. We arrived at his apartment. He got out the car, I asked the driver if I could smoke. At that point it was the only thing I could do. I couldn't speak, I couldn't move, I couldn't, I just couldn't. " A, are you coming " he shouted with his briefcase, and luggage on the sidewalk. Inhaling my cigarette and blowing the smoke out the car window. I looked at him, he walked over as if to open the car door. I motioned with my finger for him to come closer, he leaned into the window. Sternly " A are you coming" as I kissed him in mid sentence. " I just did, and now I am going home. I will see you tomorrow." I have no idea why, I am still trying to understand it myself, why I just didn't go inside, why I didn't just stay. I asked the driver to go, and there he was standing in disbelief. It was what I wanted for the evening, it was what I needed. Even though he has been gone for a bit doesn't change at all how I feel, what's inside my head and what my feelings have been. He called but we said nothing of it only that I left him with just thoughts. "Actually no" I said " I left something in your coat pocket." "oh ok " He sighed in confusion. "Goodnight darling,I am happy you are home safe, and I will speak with you tomorrow " I whispered softly. hung up the phone. I left him a little part of me, which I will have to replace tomorrow. A girl can never have enough velvet blue panties." Bleu8

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