Give Me, Give Me and Give me some more.......

He reminded me that he finished her journal. The one he started when they went to Costa Rica. Of all the things they have done, adventures good and bad they have shared. Most of all the feelings he has for her. This is her Christmas Gift.
It's funny how lately I have been hearing "Oh I better get such and such for Christmas,We'd better take that trip I have been wanting go on, he'd better spend all that money he makes on me this year I deserve it." I.N.S.E.R.T J.O.K.E here __________. Sure it's wonderfully thoughtful of someone to take the time out purchase something that perhaps they think you might like. But what just happened to the laughter, the joy, the happiness that someone brings to your life. If you are miserable , move on then. If you can not appreciate all the wonderful small moments of utopia that you both share then you don't deserve to have someone in your life. Nor should you be sharing the same oxygen as myself.What happened to just being loved, unconditionally, wanting to spend time with someone, making that time as perfect for who you are together as possible. It's not about gifts, or material it's about actions PEOPLE. GET IT TOGETHER this is why chivalry is loosing it's touch. Not on my watch, not on my time, not in my life. I would rather be alone and be happy then with someone who doesn't get it just to have a label and a warm body. My empathy for people like that has grown to loathing. Greed will get you no where in life. Though happiness on the other hand might be bought but it's not as sweet as creation. I think when he gives her this journal that he has been crafting if she doesn't cry I might.

"Your going to be bad for business, I can tell. "

Who ever inspired this exists. How melodic and poetic. For this being had their very own personal "muse".

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