Midnite Movie list for the mushy.....

How sad that the trailer brings tears to my eyes.

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  1. you wanted me to keep a secret. you wanted me not to tell. but you wanted me to be honest so fuck me i would rather burn in hell. i never lied i never cheated but still you have no clue how my heart has needed. sometimes i cry when you aren't listening and in my mind your smile is still glistening. how is that you could be so perfect and yet so flawed? for you really have no idea again my heart you have sawed. i am bloody i even have no will for if i was such a man you would be my daily pill.but once again i revert to words for that is all i am good at in the eyes of the beholder. it's the only thing that seems to get your attention.my friendship sweet girl is no longer an extension.i am sorry i am just broken and withered.you have closed your mind forsaken me for good i don't believe that i don't really think we could. my friends say i am foolish and they all tell me lies. they say i will get stronger but they have no idea how i have tired. i was never a wimp, a wuss or a push over but you managed to make me fall. for never in my life ever have i felt this way at all. I know you better at times than you know yourself and then you go and distance yourself. i should have known that day at the park when you met me for lunch and we walked til it was dark. you told me under the tunnel as i touched your hair you said Christian be careful be aware. don't fall in love for my heart is tainted you are to precious to few and in my life you have painted. i couldn't explain it. for when those word spoke from your lips i knew in an instant i was whipped. i am truly sorry that it has come to this.for i am not willing to be reasonable i won't miss. i really hope we can work this out for a friend i am not willing to be. if i cannot have you all to me.