06-04-26/ Balcony Grip

A sheepish grin raises on his face as he smells her. He laughs to himself.
" Did you miss me?" " No truthfully I had to force myself to think of you "with that wild grin he adores so much. " That's quite amusing since you are all I think about. All of my thoughts consists of you. What your doing? What your thinking? Are you thinking of me? Who are you talking to, Who you are charming that moment?Sometimes I even find myself watching for you. Imagining what you smell like, mmm cake batter.I find myself lost in these thoughts. I can only stop and smile. "
"How thoughtful, and I am flattered, But really we had a moment we shared our time. But it's all it was. It won't go further than that." " I just wanted to see you , I am sorry I should have called first. I have bother you enough." Turn around walks away and begins to leave. Comes back baring gifts." We have a very tempestuous relationship you scare me when you get this way.I never really know what you are thinking and it drives me mad at times" " Please don't try to change me to change who I am, to change what I have inside of me. We are very different if you cannot handle that than I am sorry." " Yeah, yeah you are always sorry." Shakes his head and walks away.

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