Fairy Tale

She stood there quietly under the darken blue sky. The illuminating stars that seemed to glitter about. Her eyes green as the trees that surrounded her. her hair flowing in the nights breeze. her smile innocent and naive. The way she felt as she looked above at this perfect picture. How is it that something so beautiful is so real. Yet for this girl didn't not know among the nights sky all was not as innocent. All was much more dark. Her blue glowing sky the glittering sparkle of the stars above surrounded not only her but much more. Bare footed she walked amongst that grass that at times turned into cold dirt. Circles she made walking amongst the night spring air. Her senses where enhanced by fragrances new to her. As if she had been born into a world so new. Sounds of creatures and critters were melodic all was so pure. She had not another emotion other than the next step she would foot. She was glorious.
This became her routine in the evening. She would prance and frolic without a care in the world. New creatures made themselves known in the nights sky. Creatures that lit up her sky even brighter. Sometimes she would even play catch. Catching to see the incandescent lighting they glowed from seconds at a time. She would cradle it in her hands and watch it with those precocious eyes. It would soon fly away though another took it's place. The wind was warmer the nights grew longer and her imagination went wild. I remember watching her she was so happy, she was so innocent, she was thinking souly for herself. She had no responsibilities she had nothing other then to get lost in the nights of the spring and summer. It's surreal to be able to think so clearly the colors, the sounds, the moon glow filled night. As if it were yesterday. I miss seeing that girl. Though she is still around every once and a while. Not nearly enough. I am glad my memory is so vivid.I am blessed that I have that to look back at. Nothing ahead could be so grim if something so perfect wasn't a fairytale.

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