Don't give me the 10 reasons Why you can't. Give me the 10 reasons how you can.

Wonders sleep and recharging can do for oneself. The happy moments in my life are so blessed and I feel so fortune.I hardly feel it is acceptable to complain at all. Though I cannot escape the worries of my life. As everyone has their own tale of woe. I just wish sometimes others could walk in my shoes. I might be hesitant to walk the distance in another. When I lay my head down at night I want to feel the security that everything will be ok in the morning. That I can handle whatever is thrown at me for the day. Most of the time I am a fierce multi-tasker.I can do it, face it and fix it. It might be so taxing and so emotionally draining. But I carry on,I choose to suffer silently. I can't decide anymore if this is right or wrong.

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