In my world you wouldn't say Meow you would say Yes, Miss A

And my day consisted of day dreaming, mostly humming the tune....

My head hurts,I turned off the phone. I wanted to turn off everything. My mind, my heart, my soul. Just check out. But in my ivory tower I can do that. Not in my reality. Sometimes I wonder if life didn't have "these" moments. How ever in the world would we ever appreciate the moments that steal our breath away in a joyous,elated,exciting, thrilling second.Those that you yearn for and crave for. For now I revert at the wee hours of the morning to being in my own world in an ivory tower. Forgive me for today I am useless to myself. My forgiveness I ask is of myself. For my effortless and patience needs to be recharged.I shall only be able to rescue myself for that is all I know.

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