Dance, with me my Darling........

Floored by the performance. Not a big fan, but I must give credit. It is a difficult,very sharp moving dance to learn. It must be raw, it must come natural. Most of all there must be passion. As culture moves away from the traditional this is the only guilty pleasure I have on television.

I miss the chemistry for I think when you find a dance partner who possesses these qualities. Driven, Passion, Dominate and a leader.The sky is the limit. I will continue my search. For that book has come to and end. And he was a character I could not keep. But what a sensational dance partner he was. For he was the only one who knew how to maneuver me to perfection across a wooden ballroom dance floor.It actually made me melancholy watching.

For You..... 42 seconds in to 50 WOW!

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  1. cannot wait 2 c u. i miss our dance floor banters.