Eyes opened slight groggy from the those magic pink pills she takes before sleeps. Unsteadily stepped out of bed, feet touching the stool to avoid falling on the floor from her unusually high mattress. She has a quirk that her bed must be raised. Must be a Princess and the Pea complex. Glancing over at the clock it was a bit after 5:30am. She walks out into the hallway, a pink glare of light is streaming from underneath the bathroom door. Gently she knocks on the door. " I'm just shaving darling, you can come in. "
Never invade someone private space. She is delighted they share the same etiquette. She opens the door, he was shirtless,hair wet, towel draped around his waist. The sound of the water running in the sink sounded like the ocean. She was entirely to relaxed and mildly half asleep. She sat on the vanity counter top as he examined his face in the mirror behind her. " Good morning " still staring at himself in the mirror. "Why are you awake, I didn't disturb you did I? " he asked in a low whisper. Pulling her knees to her chin,then stretching her arms in the air. " No " she was interrupted by a yawn. "I just woke up for some reason " She continued. " What time is your meeting? " " It's at 10:15. I want to avoid as much traffic as I can." he replied as he picked up the razor running it under the warm water. Placing it on the towel next to him. He picks up his tube of shaving cream, the top makes an odd clicking noise as he opens it. She takes it out of his hand and squeezes the tube of cream onto her palm. She rubs the cream together to create friction for warmth so it won't be so cold when it touches his face.
His eyes are fixated on what she is doing he glances up at her occasionally. Placing her hand on his face she covers his now 5 o'clock shadow.He just smiles and says nothing. He leans up against the vanity where she is sitting. Dropping her legs around him. She picks up the razor in her hands and slowly glides it upward on his cheek.It makes a sharp slithering sound as it smooths his cheek. Letting the water shower the razor to remove all the excess creme and stubble.Her hair falls to the side of her face, he places his hands on either side of her face pulling her hair back. He ties it with ribbon he found in the drawer. She stares at him while he is putting his everything into tying a bow to keep her hair in place. He looks at her smiles brightly and leans into her face. His nose touching hers, all she could feel was his skin and his breath which was scented like peppermint. They sat for what seemed like minutes. Until he finally leaned her lips onto his.A teasing soft kiss she then placed. She leaned back and continued shaving. She then reached over for a clean towel and let the warm water absorb.Removing the excess water she places it on the skin of his face. Gently she removes all the superfluous cream keeping the warmth on his skin. She prefers him with some facial hair but for today's meeting he needed to be not only dapper but charming. He was preparing his game face. He stared at her intently as he usually does. His thoughts are so deep. She can see it in his eyes. He is not like any man she has ever met. He is so confident but in such a fetching manner that it's not at all narcissistic. Enclosing her legs around his waist pulling him closer to her. His face almost touching hers as she leans back into the mirror. Eyes shut, the sounds of inhaling and exhaling speeding up into slight pants. She placed her hand on his head, hand gripping his hair. Reaching to touch her lips with his.She pulls him back still their faces slightly touching. Moving his lips slightly " Darling " He whispered now placing his hands on either sides of her face pulling her to his lips. " What " she was interrupted by his lip movements. " Did you want to ask me something " " No, she said, I just wanted to kiss you it was a moment " He sheepishly laughed. Now gripping his hands around her waist never removing his eyes from hers. She leaned in and slide her tongue upward and around his upper lip. His breathing continued to get heavy. He let out a slight moan when he avowed her name. Lowering his hands to the bottom of her nightgown placing his hands underneath to reach the bare skin of her thighs. His hands glided softly but with a sense of urgency. Gripping her hips, pulling her closer so his stomach is touching hers. Glaring from the upper lids of his eye while his head is tilted down. Turning his face to engage in moments of wet, warm, kisses. He nuzzled his face into her neck, hair now falling out from the bow he so perfectly tried to tie. Hands on his shoulders rubbing slowly back and forth never saying a word or making a sound. He was feverish, his long fingers wrinkling her nightgown upward. Leaning backwards again, he pulled her flowing gown over her hips and placed his hands underneath her slightly lifting her in the air. As she reached the end of the vanity,head still leaning against the mirror. He devoured her. All though there are moments in life that are almost to difficult to bare. The moments of pleasure are what carries you through. Placing on his suit she reached around his crisp collar shirt and placed on his tie. While he put on his cuff links, she tied still sitting on the vanity. She kissed him fiercely.
" Good luck today darling " She whispered against his lips. " Have a wonderful day " placing her hand on his face. " So far it has started off perfectly baby " kissing her again. " Thank you love" his smile was illuminating. " No thank you " She sternly replied. He walked down the stairs and headed for the car that was waiting to take him safely to his destination.


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