Within the haunting winds of the woods that enclose us with bare brown oaks,emerald sparkling grass beneath our feet.The sounds to me of this nature are lyrical. As I place myself on the naked grass positioning myself upwards staring at how beautiful the branches are the sky is mildly cloudy.The sun presses between the clouds as two lovers intertwined. I can feel the radiance of the sun peering though how it makes my skin feel a glow.I look over at you. Your hands are so alluring as they slide back and forth your forefinger is ravishing the way it glides so perfectly. I become feverish as if there is nothing else in this world, I feel as if I am in my own utopia, pure ecstasy. My mind is filling with thoughts, my heart is pounding as if the nearest of creatures could feel my fear and craving all at once. Your head tilts from side to side I can see the passion the lust,and your will to carry out what it is you seek.It's very distinguish look that you get in your eyes one that I have seen many times before. My body heats up with your every stroke your every movement and motion. I love to stare at you to observe your every move. The way your lips quiver, the way your mind seems only fixated on one thing. You never look distracted, though I know you get lost in thought. The excitement has gotten to me. My head feels flushed as do my cheeks and it flows down my entire core.The eroticism of it all. Our surroundings, the way your bare skin looks on your chest the beads of sweat that form and flow so fluently down your neck. More and More I yearn,as I lay there just as a voyeur. I am not your subject, though as you have said "I am your muse." Your hands are magical how they make me feel words are seldom few to describe. As your strokes are longer they get sharper you know just what your are doing. How you send me into a fiery convulsion of many and more so. As you lean down to kiss my lips, you are so soft the skin on your face feels perfect in my hands. You interlace your hands with mine. I feel the connection the friction of what sent me into. You lift me off the ground and we dalliance. Finding our way to that beautiful willow tree I saw as we walked through the woods. You smile at me, it always makes my knees weak and I feel faint. I shall always hope to feel this way with you. Our afternoons in the woods. I turn to you and kiss your face softly and I whisper in your ear. "Will you play again for me tomorrow?" "But of course I shall. " you sincerely reply. There is something about the woods, there is something about you. I shall long to watch you melodically conquer the cello again tomorrow


  1. Is There A Time For Keeping A Distance
    A time to turn your eyes away
    Is there a time for keeping your head down
    For getting on with your day
    Is there a time for kohl and lipstick
    A time for cutting hair
    Is there a time for high street shopping
    To find the right dress to wear
    Here she comes
    Heads turn around
    Here she comes
    To take her crown
    Is there a time to walk for cover
    A time for kiss and tell
    Is there a time for different colors
    Different names you find it hard to spell
    Is there a time for first communion
    A time for east 17
    Is there a time to turn the mecca
    Is there a time to be a beauty queen
    Here she comes
    Beauty plays the crown
    Here she comes
    Surreal in her crown

    Dici che il fiume
    Trova la via al mare
    E come il fiume
    Giungerai a me
    Oltre i confini
    E le terre assetate
    Dici che come fiume
    Come fiume
    L’amore giunger
    E non so pi pregare
    E nell’amore non so pi sperare
    E quell’amore non so pi aspettare

  2. BR: Very nice Pavarotti

    A: Some women are born with some sort of sensuality. You exhume it everywhere. FUCK